Year And Change Infographic
My wife and I took a year off and traveled around the world. These are the infographics from our trip.
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Disruptive Thinker Transport
CP+B wanted to give their employees a unique way to commute to work. And what's more unique than a prison bus? The name "Disruptive Thinker Transport" is well-suited for this advertising agency. I designed the graphics on the bus, driver's uniform and other swag.

Wedding Invitation
I designed my wedding invitation with our hair playing a central role. My wife having bright red hair and my beard getting longer and longer by the day, it was a perfect match. Letterpressed with two colors and a blind press for the heads. Printed by Paper Plates Press

All Boats Rise - Holiday Card
To celebrate the holidays we shared some favorite holiday recipes, with illustrations inspired by street art from our famously eclectic neighborhood. Venice Beach, CA.

To Resolve Project 2012 // Live Simply
My contribution and resolution for this year's To Resolve Project. Inspired by one of my favorite brands, Patagonia. Time to get the VW and enjoy the simple things in life. You can download the phone wallpaper from the image below, download a desktop for your computer HERE or buy a print HERE.

Bordo Bello
I entered this year's Bordo Bello on a challenge from my buddy Chris Streger. I went with the wild west theme, reaching out to my favorite counties of my native land. Typefaces courtesy of Lost Type

Softwear by Microsoft
Softwear by Microsoft is a clothing line inspired by the classic ideas behind the company. My design of Bill Gates is a tribute to the old school brand that served as the original foundation of Microsoft. The clothing line is featured in boutiques around the country as well as online stores.